Popular Courses

The MIEM is a professional institute conducting Diploma courses in Engineering and Management. In order to meet the rapid growing need for Highly trained Engineering and Managers in the country, and in particular to make available up to date knowledge in the various fields of engineering and Management at the very doorstep of meritorious you the and the practicing managers, the MIEM has been set up as an autonomous body. The institute conduct diploma courses in Engineering and Management thus enabling to widen career prospects in the most sought after field of today.


Certificate In Tourism Studies
Certificate Of Library & Information Science
Certificate Of Food & Nutrition
Certificate Of Primary Teaching
Certificate Teaching In English
Certificate Of Primary School Of Mathematics
Certificate Of Fire & Safety
Certificate Of Disaster Management
Diploma In Business Administration
Diploma In Tourist Guide
Diploma IN Yoga Science
Diploma In Computer Teacher Training
Diploma In Pre Primary Teaching In Education
Diploma IN Nursery Teaching In Education
Diploma IN Montessori Teacher Education
Diploma In Hotel Management & Catering Technology
Diploma In housekeeping
Diploma In Management
Diploma In Fire & Safety
Diploma In Financial Management
Diploma In Industrial Safety
Diploma In Fashion Designing
Diploma In Interior Designing
Diploma In Quality Management
Diploma In Creative Writing In English
Diploma In Food Production
Diploma In Nutrition & Health Education
Diploma In Tailoring
Diploma In arts & Craft
Diploma In Airport Management & Customer Care
Diploma In Professional Ground staff
Diploma In Professional Cabin Crew services
Bachelor Of Business Administration
Bachelor Of Science In Teaching Technology
Bachelor of science in Library and Information Science
Bachelor Of Science in Fashion Designing

IT & Engineering

Bachelor Of Science In Interior Designing
Bachelor Of Science In Yoga & Naturopathy
Bachelor of Commerce (C.S.)
Master  Of Business Administration
Marketing Management
Finance Management
Human Resource Management
International Business
Material Management
Hotel & Tourist Management
Event Management
Applied Management
Production Management
Pharmaceutical management
Master Of Business Administration in Retail Management
P.G. Diploma In Hardware  In Networking
P.G. Diploma In Material Management
P.G. Diploma In Counseling & Guidance
P.G. Diploma In Hotel & Hospitality Management
P.G. diploma In yoga
P.G. Diploma In Hotel Management & catering Technology
P.D. Diploma In Finance Management
P.G. Diploma In Tourism Management
P.G. Diploma In Human Resource Management
P.G. Diploma In Business Management
P.G. Diploma In Business Administration
Information System
Production & Operation
Electronics Business
Telecom Management
Construction Management
Finance Management

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