About Us

In a Nutshell : To contribute to the task of nation – building by churning out trained engineers and managers. To promote career development of young men and women through job oriented courses. To enable all those who are working in responsible position in the private and public sectors business.Opportunities to grow as an individual professional and make meaningful contribution to the society are vital consideration in selecting a career. In the present context of rapid social, economical and technological changes in our country, qualifications based on technical knowledge changes in our country, qualifications based on technical knowledge provides the best prospects and competitive advantage Presently due to rapid changes in technology and scientific development, the aphorism “Knowledge is power” has acquired a new meaning. So, the Institute which can adapt easily with the changing scientific development, only can survive. In the existing education system where course content does not match with the expectations of industry, a void is created. Keeping this in mind a group of professionals from different background-Industry, R&D and Education came together and conceptualized the MIEM which will concentrate in the field of Engineering and Management studies. The curriculum were devised keeping in mind the requirements of industry and changing technology. The curriculum is flexible so that it can keep pace with rapid development in Science and technology.The MIEM is an autonomous institution. The course curriculum is recognized in the Industry and this is very helpful for students seeking job in gulf countries where this Institute is highly appreciated. Moreover it is in process for recognition from various universities and Ministry of Education, Central Government.
The sole aim behind the establishment of MIEM was to nurture the budding desire of aspirant engineering & Management inclined students and let them bloom and flourish in the competitive field of engineering profession. For that we have detailed layout and we have charred out objective as follows:
MIEM focuses on advancing the knowledge of Engineering and Management and related areas to achieve this MIEM Conducts and sponsors technical meetings, conferences, symposia, exhibitions, workshop etc. All over the country.To impart quality education at affordable cost.Proper amalgamation of theoretical and Practical Knowledge giving more emphasis on present.Industrial working scenario. Identity Card to strive for excellence
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