Modern Institute of Engineering and Management(MIEM) is run autonomous. MIEM was started for the advancement of Engineering and Management. The emphasis of current activities is on creation of a concrete base of trained manpower in the field of Engineering and Management at various levels of competence and also to contribute gainfully towards the continued professional development needs of existing technical personal.

The MIEM also provides a platform for meaningful interaction among professionals from the industry, R & D organizations, Educational Institutions and on this platform only looking into the needs of Industry the curriculum of MIEM is changed from time to time.

The MIEM is a professional institute conducting Diploma courses in Engineering and Management. In order to meet the rapidly growing need for highly trained Engineers and Managers in the country, and in particular to make available up to date knowledge in the various fields of Engineering and Management at the very doorstep of meritorious youths and the practicing managers, the MIEM has been set up as an autonomous body.

The institute conducts diploma courses in Engineering and Management   thus enabling to widen career prospects in the most sought after fields of today .


In a Nutshell : To contribute to the task of nation - building by churning out trained engineers and managers. To promote career development of young men and women through job oriented courses. To enable all those who are working in responsible position in the private and public sectors business.


Our vision for education, creates an imaginative space for the cultivation of values within the MIEM environment, be it freedom of religion, freedom from political oppression or envisioning others to work in their landscape for those things, developing their place in a larger story or more personally on developing their potential to participate in the story of their community.